Newton Fund

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How the Newton Fund works

The Fund is being delivered by 7 UK delivery partners in collaboration with funders in 17 active partnering countries. Delivery partners develop and run calls, and allocate and manage the money they receive as part of the Newton Fund in collaboration with in-country partners. All opportunities for organisations, institutions and individuals interested in applying are listed on our funding page.

The Newton Fund in Jordan is called the Newton-Khalidi Fund to celebrate the Jordanian scientist Dr Usama al-Khalidi, a biochemist who dedicated his life to teaching generations of scientists and medical students across the Arab world. He believed that only through the promotion of science and technology would the countries of the Arab world have a chance for sustainable development.

Priorities for Jordan

The Newton-Khalidi Fund has identified a number of priority areas:

  • Energy including low-carbon
  • Water management
  • Agri-tech and food security
  • Cultural heritage

Further support and guidance

For further information on current Newton-Khalidi Fund opportunities see the funding opportunities page.

If you are interested in developing a funding relationship with the local Newton team please email